Eye injuries in Australia and how to prevent them
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Eye injuries in Australia and how to prevent them

Did you know 86,602 Australians suffered eye injuries between 2010 and 2015?

The Federal Government released its Eye injuries in Australia report this year which highlighted this statistic.
Of those people, two-thirds were male and 51,778 needed to hospital care for their affliction.

With summer fast approaching, it is the time of year that we play competitive and social sport, dust off the old fishing tackle, take to the open road on our bikes, hike trails through the gorgeous Australian bush and a range of other recreational activities.

This can lead to all manner of risks that can cause eye injuries. Falls were the leading cause of eye injuries, as outlined in the report, with all recreational activities putting you at risk of this occurring.

A total of 3,291 males and 595 females suffered eye injuries playing sport. 'Exposure to inanimate mechanical forces' made up 20 per cent of all cases presented to ED and GP clinics - which basically means foreign objects getting in your eye.

The solution? Protective eyewear that shields your eyes and is also robust enough for all of your outdoor activities.

New Eye Company Rx-able Sport and Safety Glasses

Our protective glasses have been featured on The Shark Tank and creator Andy Mehringer also won ABC’s New Inventor Award for his invention.
These protective frames are virtually indestructible (check out our YouTube channel for examples). The best part? Andy's innovative slide in prescription lenses.
These can bend, fold and take extreme levels of force and impact - and that is only if the shock manages to get through the protective exterior.
They slide in easily, can be replaced quickly and you can enjoy all of your recreational activities without fear of injury or damage to your glasses.

You can pick up a pair from just $15 from a range of styles and colours. Shop today at neweyeco.net

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