What is Glaucoma?
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What is Glaucoma?

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Do you suffer from Glaucoma?

Almost 300,000 Australians - that's 1 in 80 people - have the vision loss condition glaucoma.

But did you know that up to 50 per cent of cases of glaucoma remain undiagnosed in Australia?

So what is this eye condition and how can you tell if you might be afflicted?

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is when the nerve connecting the eye to the brain becomes damaged, typically through high levels of strain.

This is different in every case, though, with some people experiencing high eye strain and no negative effects and others sustaining normal pressure but developing the condition.

There are no obvious warning signs or symptoms of glaucoma as the loss of vision is gradual and it is your peripheral (side) vision that is impacted, to begin with.

Early Detection 

The condition is also genetic, with close relatives of people suffering from glaucoma having a tenfold risk of developing the condition themselves.

Regular eye tests and checkups are critical for your health and can help detect glaucoma early so you can monitor its progression and treat it with eye drops, or surgery if required.

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