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Cycling Glasses

Cycling glasses

Our range of Rx-able prescription cycling glasses bring style, safety, and improved vision to cyclists. They also offer protection from the elements, dust, flying stones from cars and flying insects. We also offer a range of sport sunglasses and goggles with optional prescription inserts.

The lenses are safety approved, shatterproof, scratch proof and have inbuilt air vents to help reduce fogging when you sweat.

cycling glasses

Whether you are on the track, road cycling, mountain biking, time trials or riding for fun and fitness, our range riding sunglasses have many benefits and options that will make your next ride a pleasure.

Cycling Glasses with Rx Prescription Inserts

Our rx-able cycling glasses have an optional prescription inserts that snaps in and out of your sports frames with no distortion and 170 degree visibility.The Rx insert sits behind your frames which helps to make sure that they are always protected from getting scratched

prescription cycling glasses with optional rx insert

Interchangeable lens tints

We also offer sport sunglasses and goggles with interchangeable lenses in different tints which are very popular amongst athletes as they are easily swapped in and out to help you quickly adapt to changing weather conditions.