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Shooting Glasses

Need optional prescription inserts for shooting?

Being a Marksman, you owe it to yourself to protect your eyes with a pair of quality shooting glasses. Or more importantly, shooting glasses with optional prescription inserts should you require optical correction.

Lens tint for Shooting

Clear safety glasses offer the safety aspect without contrast when you are looking for night shooting or for gun range safety glasses. Whereas for outdoors shooting, orange or yellow tinted lenses improve contrast and give you a heightened visual perception.

 Yellow lens glasses great for shooting and fishing

Safety Shooting Glasses

Our range of prescription and non-prescription shooting glasses provide a 170⁰ visible field with no distortion. They are tested and approved to the medium impact AS1337.1 Australian Standard and also to the American National Standards Institute’s ANSI Z87.1-2003 “Z87+” standard which is critical for them to be considered true shooters glasses.

Prescription Shooting Glasses

Whether you need single vision, multi vision or bifocal prescription eyeglasses for shooting, our unique patented Astralon™ Foil prescription inserts can be fitted with any prescription lenses that you require.


 prescription shooting glasses