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Yellow Lens Sunglasses

 Why yellow lens glasses for driving?

Yellow lens sunglasses are known as the “no glare glasses for night driving”.

Yellow lens sunglasses that take rx prescription insertsYellow lens sunglasses for motorcycle glasses

If you need night glasses for driving, whether you are a truck driver, a cabbie, a delivery person or you drive a lot at night, yellow or amber tinted lenses will improve your vision, they are anti glare driving glasses so will be less taxing on your eyes.

Yellow Lens Sunglasses for Sports

For sports, yellow tint improves depth perception, shape definition and enhance shades of green and white. They are ideal motorcycle glasses, shooting glasses, fishing glasses and night tennis.

Yellow lens sunglasses are excellent golf sunglasses. They increase depth perception, aid in shape definition and enhance shades of green and white.


Prescription glasses with yellow lenses

Looking for yellow lens sunglasses with prescription inserts?