how to stop glasses from fogging up

How To Stop Glasses From Fogging Up

how to stop fogging glasses

Are your glasses fogging up when you are wearing a COVID mask?

One of the common consequences of wearing a mask sometimes is that your sunglasses or optical glasses will fog up. This is not only uncomfortable and annoying, but also dangerous in certain situations and there are tips and products that are anti fog for glasses, so read on.

From athletes and sporting enthusiast to construction workers and outdoor tradies, dealing with fogging glasses is incredibly frustrating. Lens fogging is also a significant safety issue. Anyone working outside in warm weather understands the struggle with fogging eyewear.

“Fogging is the number one vision-related barrier to wearing safety glasses. In fact, 28% of safety professionals believe fogged eyewear in the workplace contributed to injuries.” OH&S

Several solutions exist for this problem but let’s first look at the leading causes of fogging eyewear.

Why do lenses fog?

We’ve all seen a glass of cold water “sweat” in the sun. This sweating occurs because of the temperature difference between the inner and outer surface of the glass. Fogged sunglasses happen due to the same process. A temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces of the lens causes them to “sweat.”

Factors Contributing to Fogged Glasses

  1. Human exertion: Working hard causes the body to heat up and produce sweat. The added heat and moisture contribute to lens fogging.
  2. Ambient heat: The temperature of the surrounding environment.
  3. Overly tight glasses: Snug sunglasses creates a lack of air flow, a problem commonly associated with goggles and wraparound lenses.
  4. Increased humidity: The more moisture in the air, the more likely lenses are to fog. High levels of humidity increase fogging problems on hot and humid days.

Solutions to Stop Fogging Up Glasses

While no product provides 100% fog-proof protection, solutions exist to significantly reduce and/or delay lens fogging.

  1. Ensure your glasses have air vents. A style with built in air-vents allows more air to flow around the lens may be all you need to reduce and/or delay fogging.
  2. Use anti-fog wipes and sprays. Almost 100% elimination of problems caused by fogging eyewear after workers use an anti-fog coating to their safety eyewear. Knowing which product is best is key to eliminating fogging.
  3. Buy Anti-Fog Eyewear. Many options are now available as Anti-Fog lenses come in nearly any lens tint or style, even bifocal and polarized.

Antifog wipes and sprays

Fogstop Optix Wipes Box of 100 Anti-fog treatments such as Fogstop wipes are specifically formulated to stop extreme fogging on safety glasses and goggles, prescription glasses, face shields and visors. Suitable for use on all types of optical lenses and surfaces including multi coated, non and hard surface coated polycarbonate, polyurethane, mirror and glass.


  • Advanced formula – alcohol, silicone and ammonia free
  • Long lasting – up to 3-5 days depending on lens type and working conditions
  • Anti-static
  • Safe to use on all types of lenses and hard surfaces (no contact lenses)
  • Repels dust and airborne particles after application

Antifog for glasses – Pen or Cloth?

Anti fog for glasses

The Optix Brush Pen includes a microfibre cleaning cloth. It is a long lasting premium anti fog treatment is specifically formulated to stop extreme fogging on safety glasses, goggles, prescription glasses, face shields and visors. Our unique and innovative brush style applicator makes it easy and convenient to simply paint a clear layer of FOGSTOP over the surface of all types of optical lenses including multi coated, non and hard coated polycarbonate, polyurethane, mirror and glass. Here’s how it is done…

Extensive Testing

Fogstop is an optical anti-fog cleaning solution which has been extensively laboratory tested, including an extreme fog test. Fogstop was applied to optical lenses, and then moved repeatedly between  minus 30 degree Celsius and plus 30 degree Celsius environments. The result was no fogging. An amazing result. A solution that works!

The New Eye Company Team

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