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The New Eye Company offers a range of Rx-able Unisex Prescription Sports Sunglasses that come with our Award-Winning optional Rx lens  insert that instantly transforms your glasses into prescription eyewear when you need them.


Our patented leading edge IC-Sports Eyewear System has been designed to deliver quality, style and comfort while providing protection.

Unisex Prescription Sports Eyewear


Our collection of sports sunglasses are unisex and cater for most sports. Different lens tints enhance visibility in most weather conditions helping to improve your sporting performance.

sport rx prescription sports sunglasses

The IC eyewear system means that people requiring prescription sunnies can easily switch their custom made Astralon™ Foil RX Inserts between any pair of IC-Sport frames to accommodate all weather and environmental conditions.

 Whether you want rxable running glasses, riding glasses, motorcycle glasses and goggles or goggles for skiing, we have them all with or without prescription at an affordable price.


Sport RX Insert for all prescription types

Whether you want single vision lenses, multi-focal or bifocal sunglasses, we make to any prescription which are then fitted into Astralon™ Foils.  The Foil with your prescription RX Insert can then be simply snapped in within 20 seconds.

This unique system protects your prescription lenses should your outer eyewear lenses get scratched. Have a look at how we halve the cost of prescription eyewear.