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How much do the Sport Rx lenses cost?

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars and varies according to your type of prescription. Single Vision prescription lenses are priced at $120, Bi-focal at $180 and Multi-focal at $280. The only exception is "Matrix" frames for which we will supply you with a quotation based upon your prescription.

IMPORTANT: If you don't need a prescription you just need to order your frames. If you do need a prescription, please order your frames and then add your prescription to your order.

Can I fit my prescription into different frames?

No you cannot. The Sport Rx prescription inserts are specially designed to match the frames that you purchased from us. Please note that only those frames featured in the "Accept Rx Prescriptions" category can accommodate prescription inserts. You can switch your prescription to a different colored frame or switch colored/polarized/transition adapters to your frames depending on which set of frames you purchase.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is in Australian dollars. $10 locally in Australia and $25 for international deliveries. Australia Post ships our products with confirmation of receipt by signature (Australia only). You can request for us to email you a reference number so you can track your delivery on Australia Post's web site.

I want to make discounted purchases for my club or company.

If you're based in either Australia or North America, head over to our separate corporate web site and select your country from the home page. Otherwise please contact us and we'll get back to you.

How is the focal point for each eye set to match my specific requirement?

When you obtain your prescription, please ask your optician to record your 'Pupil Distance' (PD).

We need this measurement to place your lenses accurately relative to the center of your pupils which is primarily critical for higher powered lenses due to the position of the optical center of the lenses. A PD measurement ensures that the center of your lenses line up to the center of your pupils.

How to obtain your optical prescription:

In Australia (check with your optometrist in other countries), full eye examinations are available to all Medicare Card holders free of charge. They are entitled to:

  • A full eye examination every two years.
  • Simple prescription checks are covered by Medicare at any time.
What's involved with buying my prescription sunglasses online?

These are the 5 steps involved:

  1. Select and add your frames to your shopping cart from the 'Accept Rx Prescription' in the 'Features' menu.
  2. Next, you need to add your prescription type to your cart (as per your prescription).
  3. With your frames and prescription items in your shopping cart, click on the 'Cart' icon at the top of the page (the count of items in your cart should show 2 items - (a) your frames and (b) your prescription).
  4. This point is Critical. You must click the link on your checkout page to enter your prescription details.
  5. Once you've entered and submitted your prescription details together with your order we'll mail it to you as soon as one of our opticians has made up your prescription lenses.