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Sport Rx Sunglasses Online | Neweyeco

Welcome to the Neweyeco range of sport rx sunglasses online. Everyone's needs are different when it comes to choosing prescription eyewear. From the type of frames to the optical prescription you need and the lens tint you want.

Sport Rx Sunglasses Online at Half the cost

IMPORTANT: If you don't need a prescription you just need to order your frames. If you do need a prescription, please order your frames and then add your prescription to your order.

Shopping for prescription sunglasses online is easy with Neweyeco and our unique IC Sport Eyeglasses system with the prescription foil insert halves the cost of your normal  prescription eyewear.

Sport Rx Prescription Sunglasses Online


The Sport Rx insert not only halves the cost of your glasses, but also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Sport Rx Sunglasses to Suit Any Sport

Neweyeco's range of sunglasses deliver safety, style and unobstructed vision to all athletes and most sports.

Our collection of eyewear come with the optional Astralon Foil Sport Rx insert and an optional Dust-Gaskets to prevent dust and wind getting into your eyes and also to prevent harmful UV rays.

Any Sport Rx Optical Prescription

 When you order rxable sunglasses online they are made exactly to your prescription and fit into the frames that you choose. They can be delivered anywhere in the world, right to your doorstep.

Simply browse our collection of  rxable glasses, choose the style of frames that are right for you, select the lens you want eg polarized, enter your optical prescription and then order online. It’s that simple!

Any Lens Colour You Want – Trendy and Functional

Depending upon your sports and the environment eg road, water, indoors or on the golfing green your lens tint requirements differs. Remember our Sport Rx insert sits behind your tinted lenses.

Check out our catalog of available sport rx sunglasses online with different lens colors and frames to suit each individual.