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This pair of sunglasses features interchangeable transition lenses and optional prescription inserts to effortlessly complement a wide variety of looks and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.


Transition Sunglasses

Optional Prescription Insert

  • Cool and versatile, this pair of transition sunglasses with interchangeable lenses and optional prescription insert will effortlessly complement a wide variety of looks.
  • The right pair of sunglasses and lenses can instantly update any style.
  • Designed with optional transition lenses to darken when exposed to harsher forms of light, these lenses protect the eye from harmful UV rays.
  • Manufactured from hard-wearing polycarbonate to reduce the likelihood of breaking.
  • The cool black frames are an easy-to-match option that works for day or night or any sports.
  • Offering an optional positive seal and strap, these sunglasses in either transition, polarized, clear or eclipse lenses make sure your eyes are protected from dust, wind and grit.


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