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Prescription Sports Glasses with optional Sport Rx Insert

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Rx-able Prescription Sports Glasses For Men and Women

Welcome to our range of Rx-able prescription sports glasses for men and women. Order your prescription and buy online today right from the comfort of your lounge chair.

Our range of sunglasses are 100% unisex, however some frames are better suited for smaller faces, women and teenagers.

Award Winning Rx-able Safety & Sport Sunglasses

Safety approved Sports Glasses

Tested and approved Safety and Sports Eyewear to the medium impact AS1337.1 Australian Standard and also to the American National Standards Institute’s ANSI Z87.1-2003 “Z87+” standard.

Want interchangeable lenses?

Checkout our eyeglasses with  interchangeable lenses in different tints which mean you can have multiple lens tints to suit any weather condition.

Different tinted lenses for your rxable prescription sports glasses - Eclipse lensSmoke lenses for rxable prescription sports glassesPolarized lenses for interchange lenses on your  sports glasses

Rx Sport Insert

Our rxsport sunglasses are designed so that if you need prescription sports sunglasses, you just pop the Rx insert in when you need them, or take it out when you don’t need them. The IC-Sport Astralon foil Rx insert has a lifetime warranty.

Checkout our range of sport Rx prescription and non-prescription sport sunglasses for men and women. Select your frames, pick your lens tint, add your prescription (if you need it) and simply purchase your sunglasses online.

Prescription sports glasses with sport rx insertprescription sports glasses

Rx-able Prescription sport glasses

Our Patented IC-Sport Rx prescription sports glasses System Protects the "Expensive" Component of your eyeglasses which is your prescription lens insert.

If you scratch your sport eyeglasses or the outer lens, you just slip your prescription insert into a new pair of IC-Sports glasses frames without having to worry about buying a prescription lens replacement.

So, the only thing you need to worry about replacing is your sports eyeglasses frames - not the Rx sport insert, which is the costly piece of prescription sports glasses.