Why Shop Online For Prescription Glasses & Sunglasses?

Shopping Online

At the New Eye Company, we offer not just dramatically lower prices than you can find in many stores, but also world-wide patented frames that allow you to clip your prescription behind your lenses that can also be switched e.g. from clear to polarised to suit various lighting conditions with these frames.

Tip: Yellow lenses are ideal for night-driving or during an early morning commute.

Rather than visiting your local optical shop, getting your eyes examined then paying premium prices, you’ll save hundreds of dollars shopping online.

Choose from a range of precision and fully featured frames then select optional types of switchable lenses plus your optional Rx prescription inserts (Single-Vision, Bi-Focal or Multi-Focal). Upload your prescription and you’re done!

IMPORTANT: Only these frames take switchable lenses.

What You Need To Know About buying Prescription Glasses Online

You will need to visit an optician. Just make sure to request a copy of your prescription. You’ll need it when you upload a photo of it with your order.

If you don’t need a prescription. Great! Just order your frames and some spare lenses of different types e.g. Clear or Polarised. If you scratch a lens you don’t need to replace the frames – just order inexpensive replacement lenses.

The great thing is, if you scratch a lens it’s only the inexpensive outer frame or lens that’s damaged. Your prescription is protected by the frame and lenses. So, all you need to do is to replace either the outer frame and/or the interchangeable lenses.

That’s also going to save you money in the long-run.

Before you check out, note that the turnaround time is usually 5 to 14 working days in Australia and 2 to 4 weeks for other countries (depending on your country and type of optical prescription).

If you still need adjustments, you can always visit your optometrist or contact us if you have any queries. We’ll be delighted to be of service.