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Form meets function with these bifocal motorcycle glasses, meaning no more blurry speedometer and with facial contouring of the positive seal gasket to keep out wind, dust, grit and stones. Available in +1.0 to + 3.0 in smoke and clear frames.



Motorcycle Glasses with Bifocal Lenses | IC Sports – Neweyeco

  • Versatile and ultra cool, motorcycle glasses with bifocals easily adapts to any type riding or weather conditions and improves your upclose vision.
  • Form meets function with these motorcycle eyewear and with bi-focals means no more blurry speedometer and with facial contouring.
  • Positive seal gasket and facial contouring to keep the wind, dust, grit and stones out of your eyes .
  • Available in smoke and clear frames and lenses, these are sure to add some much needed flair to sporting pursuits.
  • A go-to accessory for any outdoor sporting enthusiast, these 100% UV protection motorcyle lenses make it easier to see safely on the sunniest of days.

IC Sports Motorcycle Glasses Technical Specifications

REMOVABLE VENTILATED POSITIVE SEAL GASKET make them ideal Motorcycle glasses.
RX PRESCRIPTION READY Prescription Lens Insert Adapter is Protected by the Outer Lenses.
BENDABLE ARMS for Prolonged Wearer Comfort.
CERTIFIED Medium Impact Safety Glasses to AS/ANZ Standard 1337.1.

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm

Bifocal 1.0 Smoke, Bifocal 1.5 Smoke, Bifocal 2.0 Smoke, Bifocal 2.5 Smoke, Bifocal 3.0 Smoke, Bifocal 1.0 Clear, Bifocal 1.5 Clear, Bifocal 2.0 Clear, Bifocal 2.5 Clear, Bifocal 3.0 Clear

Spare Gasket

No Spare Gasket Thanks, Spare Gasket

1 review for Motorcycle Glasses – Bifocals

  1. Zensu

    Great for outdoor riding, but also indoor training on the running machine – I can see the speedo on both.

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